Indien je gebruik maakt van de TrustO oplossingen en aanmeldt via eID, dien je de laatste versie van de eID middleware te downloaden en installeren via
Si vous utilisez les solutions TrustO et que vous vous inscrivez via eID, vous devez télécharger et installer la dernière version du middleware eID via
If you use the TrustO solutions and register via eID, you must download and install the latest version of the eID middleware via

My e-box

My e-box is my digital mailbox. Just like every home has its own official letter box, every citizen will soon have his or her own digital mailbox. My e-Box is a central collection point where you can view all your digital government documents.



No end of advantages

  • Access to all your documents at any time and from anywhere. Log in where and when it suits you best.
  • Gone are the days of searching, wasting valuable time because you'll find everything quickly, easily and in one location.
  • 100% peace of mind because access is highly secured.
  • Logging in couldn't be easier: either use your eID or token or the user-friendly mobile app itsme®.

Use eBox

Via a TrustO account you can easily use your eBox and all other TrustO solutions.

You cannot check your e-Box without a TrustO account

  • Create account via eID     or itsme®.
Create account

Login with your existing TrustO account

  • Login with your existing account via eID or itsme®.
  • Select 'eBox' at the top.eBox.png
  • Retrieve your authorisations
  • Authorise the government (consulting government documents via TrustO).


TrustO will notify you any time you receive a document in your e-Box.