My e-box

My e-box is my digital mailbox. Just like every home has its own official letter box, every citizen will soon have his or her own digital mailbox. My e-Box is a central collection point where you can view all your digital government documents.


No end of advantages

  • Access to all your documents at any time and from anywhere. Log in where and when it suits you best.
  • Gone are the days of searching, wasting valuable time because you'll find everything quickly, easily and in one location.
  • 100% peace of mind because access is highly secured.
  • Logging in couldn't be easier: either use your eID or token or the user-friendly mobile app itsme®.



You cannot check your e-Box without a TrustO account;

  • Create a TrustO account and use it via eID or itsme®.
  • Select 'eBox' at the top.eBox.png
  • Retrieve your authorisations.
  • Authorise the government (consulting government documents via TrustO).


TrustO will notify you any time you receive a document in your e-Box.